Ahead lies the unknown. A traveler lost on their journey has found the only path out - forward. Mysterious writings scribbled by an inhuman hand will guide the way.

WASD to move
Left Click / E to interact
LShift to crouch
TAB to open menu

Full controller support + You can adjust mouse sensitivity in the settings!

* This game was created for an Extra Credits game jam, and includes some things only their viewers / jammers would know. But you could enjoy the game nevertheless!


Passage of Wisdom Win 64.zip 34 MB
Passage of Wisdom Win 32.zip 31 MB


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The puzzles were super fun. The controls were very intuitive. I didn't read the description before I played, but I was able to play through regardless. Overall, Great Job.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!


Wow! Thank you so much for playing! A video of gameplay can say a lot about the puzzles - thank you!!!

Interesting, good good presentation. I MAY have cheesed a bit on some of the puzzles, but then, isn't that part of what games are about?

One bit of advice, add crosshairs, or expand switch hitboxes for user interactivity.  It was difficult to understand why some switches seemed to respond right away, while others would not.

Thanks for playing! I would work further on improving movement and interaction (I personally don't like crosshairs since they block the view)

As for the difficulty, it's tough to make everyone pleased) Maybe additional hints could help to improve it


I think this wins the "cutest Zoey" award of all the games I've played so far. It looked nice, and had a nice atmosphere. There was one point where I wasn't sure if I was cheating a puzzle or not (I moved a crate forward more than it felt like I should), and I think it might be possible to lock yourself out of winning by pushing the crate against a door that cannot be opened without using the crate elsewhere.

Overall, a fun little puzzle game.

Thank you for the feedback! (I probably spent as much time on Zoey as on all of the puzzles ^^;)

Yes, I got stuck on that create puzzle and had to restart again. Maybe an option to pull the create a short amount would work. But otherwise, it is a nice puzzle game with greadually increasing difficulty.

Alright, thanks for the feedback!

I enjoyed the puzzles, I had a tough time early on but moved quickly towards the end. Also, it was sweet to see Zoey rendered in 3D.

I'm glad you liked the puzzles! Thanks for playing

This was fun and I liked the puzzles. It also looks really nice. I had some trouble turning left and right. There seems to be a certain spot where you can turn past. But it still worked ok. Great Job!

Thank you for feedback!